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Positions Open URGENT

Posted by John Lak on 06/18/2016

Dear All

Hello, we are currently short-staffed. If you would be interested in any of the roles below, please Please CHECK criteria before applying.

Fleet & Route Manager

Must Update Fleet

*Must have a valid copy of excel



Dispatch Manager


20 Hours MINIMUM


Branding Management

Must have a VALID copy of either Paint.NET, Adobe Photoshop,GIMP

Must be able to design graphics




If you would be interested in any of the roles above, please email

John Lak


New Head of Security!

Posted by John Lak on 06/01/2016


My name is John and I will be your new Head of Security for a while. My Pilot ID is ST0003.

There have been alogations of difficulties within programming and Administration within

this company. I hope I can be of assistance to you.


We will be securing the site. This means we will have maintenance often.

Maintenance will continue until 05th June 2016.

It`s a pleasure tio be working for such a new virtual airline



John Lak


AntiVirus | False Reading

Posted by Pro Pinks on 06/01/2016

Hello All,

If your anti-virus says that this site is dangerous. That is not correct. We do not allow any viruses or security breeches. If there was, we would shut down the website.


Thank You


Posted by Pro Pinks on 05/30/2016

Website will go down for maintenance between

Tuesday 31st May 06:00-06:15


Sorry For The Problems This May Cause

Avatars and Photos

Posted by Pro Pinks on 05/30/2016

Hello All,


I just need to address the guidelines regarding uploading photos,avatars, etc

Please read the rules below regarding this topic:


Under 16?

We ask that avatars and photos do NOT include a face, this is for your own protection



We do not allow swearing or any language that can be taken as offensive.


Thank You for co-operating with the rules

Happy Flights!